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Uzeyir Hajibeyov (Hajibeyli)

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Hajibeyov (Hajibeyli) Uzeyir Abdulhuseyn oglu (1885-1948) is an Azerbaijan conductor, scientist, publicist, playwright, teacher, translator and social figure.

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The Classic music of Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is the country of ancient traditions and customs. It has been settled down on a famous «Silk Way» and it was always called «the Country of fires». It is a cradle for the mankind’s ancient religion – Zoroastrizm. Many cultural traditions of the East and the West received new life and were assimilated within this country.

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Azerbaijan Music

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Azerbaijani music was developing through the centuries. The traces of ancient music of Azerbaijan were found in a number of monuments, excavated in time of archeological digs, as well as in rock carvings of Gobustan (18-3 millennium B.C) and Gemigaya (3-1 millennium B.C). Kitabi Dede Gorgud (8th century), creative works of Nizami, Fizuli provide full coverage of medieval music art, music genres and music instruments. The records of such prominent medieval scientists of Azerbaijan as Sefiaddin Urmevi (18 century), Abdulgadir Maragai (17 century), Mir Movsum Nevvab (19 century) pointed out the highly developed art and culture of music and mastery performance and cited theoretical issues of music in medieval Azerbaijan.

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