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We always knew we promote only the very highest quality tours in Azerbaijan, but we are now able to say they are truly award-winning. We are proud of being number 1 Tour Company in Azerbaijan on TripAdvisor in a row 2018-2019 for Azerbaijan Tours.

We have been awarded the 2018 and 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for our Azerbaijan Tours! Here are several perfect itineraries that’ll help you pack as much sightseeing as possible into however much time you have to spend in Azerbaijan.

Whether you have five, six days or more, Azerbaijan has plenty to offer. Below are our recommended Azerbaijan itineraries from 5-6 days to 15 days to give you the best possible overview of Azerbaijan.

About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, which is rich in oil and natural gas resources, draws attention with the huge projects it has recently implemented to bring energy resources to the world market.

Capital: Baku

Population: 9.8 million (2017)

Ethnicity: 91.6 percent Azerbaijani, 2 percent Lezgi, 1.3 percent Armenian, 1.3 percent Russian, 1.3 percent Tish, 2.5 percent other (2009)

Area: 86 thousand square kilometers

Language: Azerbaijani

Religion: 93.4 percent Muslim, 3.1 percent Christian, 3 percent faithless, 0.5 percent other (2015)

Currency: Manat (AZN)

General Information
After two years of independence between 1918-1920, Azerbaijan has been an independent state in the world arena for 26 years after the 70-year Soviet period.

Located in the Caspian Sea coast, Russia, Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey with the neighboring countries, the Azerbaijani origin Turkish as the official language spoken.

20% of its territory is under Armenian occupation, Azerbaijan is a refugee for 1 million people.

Azerbaijan is known for its natural beauties and many historical buildings. The country has recently welcomed tourists from Russia, Europe and especially the Gulf countries.

Azerbaijan, the capital of Baku, which houses historical and contemporary structures, has the natural beauty of Gence, Sheki, Guba and Lenkeran, which has the traces of the past at every step, the value it attaches to traditional music, art and artist, and the food culture that blends Caucasian, Iranian and Turkish cuisine. among the countries with high potential.

In the plains of Azerbaijan, which has 9 of the 11 climate types in the world, the effects of temperate climate and harsh climate are seen in the higher parts.

Azerbaijan has also gained world fame with its black caviar produced from sturgeon.

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