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Aggression by Armenia, Karabakh Conflict 0

Aggression by Armenia, Karabakh Conflict

The major domestic and international issue affecting Azerbaijan is the military aggression by Armenia against Azerbaijan. The current conflict began in 1988 when Armenia, supported by the Soviet authorities, started a military aggression against Azerbaijan with the territorial claims for the Nagorno Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Economy of Azerbaijan 1

Economy of Azerbaijan

The performance of Azerbaijan in achieving macroeconomic stability and resumption of growth since 1995 has been impressive. Azerbaijan’s fiscal and monetary management, accompanied by favourable global economic trends have significantly improved the country’s macroeconomic situation.

Azerbaijani Oil 0

Azerbaijani Oil

Azerbaijan has a strong moral, cultural, scientific and economic potential, the favorable geographical-political position and is particularly famous for the rich natural resources. Oil occupies an important place among these reserves. As the result of the global, wide-scale and comprehensive policy conducted wisely by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, deep belief and resoluteness and purposefully and consequently oil serving its master -the Azerbaijani people, aims to ensure the political independence, economic prosperity and people’s welfare to date.