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Azeri means Azerbijani. People who lives in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani Turks.

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Religion in Azerbaijan

The Constitution of Azerbaijan, mandating no state religion, allows all faiths to be practiced freely. The majority of Azerbaijanis are Shia Muslims. In a spirit of tolerance, the mosques in Azerbaijan serve both the Shia and the Sunni religious communities.

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Judicial System – Azerbaijan

The legislation of Azerbaijan has established principles of justice: equality before the law, fair implementation of justice by the independent court, principle of presumption of innocence. The judicial branch includes Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, and Economic Court. The President nominates the judges in these three Courts, subject to approval by the Milli Majlis.

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Legislative System – Azerbaijan

The highest legislative body of Azerbaijan is Milli Majlis. It is a 125-member unicameral parliament. Members are elected for a 5-year term, all of them from territorial districts. Universal suffrage age is 18.