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Saturday, July 28, 2007 12:02
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300 gr. mutton;
20 gr. melted butter;
50 gr. onion;
100 gr. tomatoes;
0,05 gr. saffron;

Cut mutton in 40-50 gram pieces with small ribs, salt, pepper and fry in butter with shredded onion. Then add some mutton broth, saffron infusion and stew till ready. Cut tomatoes into halves and brown in butter. Serve kourma garnished with fried tomatoes.


140 gr. treated mutton guts;
60 gr. heart;
67 gr. liver;
60 gr. kidney;
50 gr. testicles;
50 gr. onions;
193 gr. potatoes;
15 gr. sheep fat;
5 gr. herbs;
1 gr. sumac;
0,1 gr. pepper;
100 gr. tomatoes in summer.

Cut clean guts into pieces 2-3 cm long. Cut liver, heart, kidney and testicles into pieces, pepper, salt and brown. Add onions, cubed and separately fried potatoes mix and bring to readiness. Sprinkle on herbs when serving. Serve sumac separately.


270 gr. chicken;
30 gr. melted butter;
50 gr. onions;
10 gr. Cornelian cherries;
5 gr. sugar;
0,1 gr. pepper;

Cut chicken into 30-35 gr. pieces, pepper, salt and brown. Shred onions, add soaked Cornelian cherries and brown, then add sugar and put mixture in pan with chicken. Mix thoroughly and bring to readiness.


163 gr. mutton;
40 gr. onions;
25 gr. melted butter;
2 eggs;
12 gr. dill;
0,1 gr. saffron;
0,1 gr. pepper;

Make force-meat from mutton flesh with onions, add salt, pepper, saffron infusion and brown in butter. Pour on beaten up eggs and bake in oven. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.

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