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Mumine Khatun Tomb – Nakhchivan 0

Mumine Khatun Tomb – Nakhchivan

MUMINE KHATUN TOMB – the huge monument of Azerbaijan national architecture, one of the Oriental pearls – Mumine Khatun tomb was built (architect Ajami Nakhchivani son of Abubakr) in 1186 in the western part of Nakhchivan.

Gulustan Tomb 0

Gulustan Tomb

GULUSTAN TOMB – belongs to Middle Ages, near the Gulustan village in Julfa region. The Gulustan tomb built with the impact of Mumine Khatun tomb belongs to tower type tomb group in Azerbaijan.

Haydar Aliyev Museum 0

Haydar Aliyev Museum

Haydar Aliyev museum – was founded on the basis of the resolution of Supreme Council of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated February 18, 1999. And from this year on May 10 it shows its activity.